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Used Omni Stationary Chiropractic Table


Used Omni Stationary Chiropractic Table

The release date is the date we anticipate the table arriving in our shop.  Once the table arrives in our shop, it will take 4-6 weeks for our shop team to refurbish the table and have it ready to ship to your office.   

Our used Omni chiropractic tables come fully refurbished with the same one year parts warranty as a new Omni table.  

The Omni stationary table comes fully loaded with all 5 drops upper thoracic drop, lower thoracic drop and pelvic drop. The Omni stationary table also includes a deluxe headpiece with forward and toggle cervical drops, cervical lateral translation, tilt, elevation, and rotation. Get your Omni stationary chiropractic table today!

 Tables can be new style base or old style base.

Used Omni Tables Features:

  • Tilt & Elevating Cervical

  • Forward & Toggle Cervical Drop

  • Translating cervical

  • Lateral Bending Cervical

  • Dorsal Drop

  • Lumbar Drop

  • Pelvic Drop

  • Dual Foot Drop Pedals

  • Elevating Chest & Pelvic

  • Elevating/Extending Foot Section

  • Height 18,20,22,24 Inches

  • Extra Firm 10lb Rebond Foam

  • Choice of Custom Color Upholstery

Used Omni Tables Factory Adjusting Table Specifications:


Length-Extended 77 Inches

Length -Retracted 72 Inches

Cushion Width 20 inches

Table Base Width 21inches

Crated Shipping Weight (Approximate) 380 Lbs

1 year parts warranty. Lifetime manufactures frame warranty.

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