Full drop stationary tables built to last.

The full drop stationary table comes fully loaded. The full drop stationary table can purchased with standard foot activated manual drops or with air activated drops. The full drop stationary table can be order in heights ranging from 18” to 24” in 2” increments.


Your full drop table will last you a lifetime so order YOUR full drop table TODAY!

  Table Takes 6 to 12 Weeks to Build     PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN OMNI TABLE. THIS TABLE IS MANUFACTURED BY MT TABLES. NOT OMNI TABLE COMPANY.     New BIO 100 Stationary Chiropractic Table   The Bio 100...
Stationary Chiropractic Table    Current Estimated Build Times are 90-150 days     The stationary table comes fully loaded with all 5 drops. The stationary  table also includes a deluxe headpiece with forward and toggle...