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New Omni Stationary Chiropractic Tables


Stationary Chiropractic Table 


Current Estimated Build Times are 90-150 days



The stationary table comes fully loaded with all 5 drops. The stationary  table also includes a deluxe headpiece with forward and toggle cervical drops, lateral  translation, tilt, elevation, and rotation. Get your stationary chiropractic table today!


Tables Features:

  • Tilt & Elevating Cervical

  • Forward & Toggle Cervical Drop

  • Translating cervical

  • Lateral Bending Cervical

  • Dorsal Drop

  • Lumbar Drop

  • Pelvic Drop

  • Dual Foot Drop Pedals

  • Elevating Chest & Pelvic

  • Elevating/Extending Foot Section

  • Height 18,20,22,24 Inches

  • Extra Firm 10lb Rebond Foam

  • Choice of Custom Color Upholstery

Tables Factory Adjusting Table Specifications:


Length-Extended 77 Inches

Length -Retracted 72 Inches

Cushion Width 20 inches

Table Base Width 21inches

Crated Shipping Weight (Approximate) 380 Lbs

1 year parts warranty. Lifetime manufactures frame warranty.

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