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Elevation Table Foot Switch Replacement for Omni Table- INCLUDES CORD


 Replacement Elevation Table Foot Switch for Omni Table - INCLUDES CORD


This replacement elevation foot switch will fit both the Omni elevation tables and the MT BIO-200 elevation tables. This table foot switch is easily installed. This replacement elevation foot switch includes a new cord (double airline). It also has rubber pads on the bottom to prevent damage and slipping on non carpeted floors.


This is a heavy duty foot pedal. This foot pedal has an angled base making it easier to press. This heavy duty foot switch should reduce the risk of busted air bladders in the foot pedal and also make it harder to get pinhole leaks in the airline.


This replacement elevation table foot switch works on both 110 volt and 220 volt elevation tables.

Elevation Table Foot Switch Replacement for Omni Table- INCLUDES CORD Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Omni Elevation Table Foot Switch Replacement - INCLUDES CORD

Posted by Rick Hodish, DC on 12th Jan 2019

Better than the original foot switch. More solid state and responsive. Cheaper too.

Works great, needs arrows

Posted by Dr. Bret Wickstrom on 14th May 2018

Much more smooth and easier to use than the spring pedals that came with table. I've broken one on each of the two tables I have over about four or five years. These seem like they will last longer and won't break as easy. They should probably have arrows or at least colors to differentiate up/down. Not a big deal but it doesn't seem like it would cost much more to produce them with something like that.

Better than the other style switch peddle!

Posted by Dr. R on 30th Apr 2018

Always had trouble with the black peddle, this one is heavy duty and should last. Very happy with fast shipping

Much Better

Posted by Dr Kris on 5th Feb 2015

I wasn't sure about the "plunger" style that this foot pedal has but it is fine. It does appear to be of better quality then my original pedal and it looks like it belongs with my Omni table. I will be ordering this pedal again in the future.

Replacement Foot Pedal

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2014

Great quality and ease of use.Replacement foot pedal