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Omni Elevation Table Foot Switch


Omni Elevation Table Foot Switch


This Omni table elevation foot switch will fit both the Omni elelvation tables and the MT BIO-200 elevation tables. This Omni table foot switch is easily installed. This replacement Omni elevation foot switch includes a new cord (double airline) that will plug into the table on one end and the Omni table elevation foot switch on the other end.

This Omni elevation table foot switch works on both 110 volt and 220 volt elevation tables.

Omni Elevation Table Foot Switch Reviews

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the omni table elevation foot pedal.

Posted by Gould Chiropractic on 28th Nov 2019

the foot pedal came delivered on time and worked perfectly with a simple plug in of the wire.

Works Great!!!

Posted by Abundant Life Chiropractic on 22nd May 2018

My foot switch broke about 4 months ago, I thought i would have to buy a new table. My CA looked up the part number for the foot switch and after making sure it was the right part she ordered the switch. We received the switch today, my CA installed it within seconds and after 5 months without my favorite table i am very happy to say it works great. Thank you.