How Do I Tell If My Omni Elevation Motor Is Broken?

How Do I Tell If My Omni Elevation Motor Is Broken?

Posted by Karen Sweigart-Harris On 3rd Jun 2019

One of the things doctors love about the Omni table is that there are very few things that can break on the table.  Diagnosing springs and lift cylinders is pretty easy to figure out on your own.  When it comes to an elevation motor however there are a few different things that can be wrong so use the troubleshooting tips below prior to purchasing a new elevation motor.

The first thing you will want to check is to make sure that the power cord and the foot switch cord are pushed ALL the way into the wall and into the column.  Make sure the cleaning elves didn't accidentally pull one of the plugs loose.

The second thing you will want to check is your electrical outlet.  Sometimes the outlet may not be able to support the elevation motor.  We have seen outlets that only put enough electricity out to power an alarm clock but not enough to power a vacuum cleaner or a elevation motor.  Even if you have been using this outlet for months it could be that there was an electrical surge and there is now an outlet problem so check the viability of the outlet.

The third item you can check if you have a second Omni elevation table is to swap the power cord, then the foot switch to see if this makes a change in the problem.  It may be that you only need a new power cord or a new foot switch.  

If you do not have a second table flip the foot switch upside down and try using it to see if the motor moves.  I know this sounds odd but try it what do you have to lose?  In the event this works it could be that you only need a new foot switch.

If none of these things work it is more than likely that you need a new elevation motor.  As always feel free to call us 704-622-4089 and talk to Derek to make sure you did each of these steps properly.  If your table is at a height so that you are able to adjust you do not need to purchase  new motor in order for the table to function.  All drops and features work except for the elevation feature.  

Let me go ahead and answer your next question which typically is "can we get the broken one I have repaired?"  The answer is not really.  You can contact the motor manufacture and they will require you to remove it and send it into them for them to assess and they will let you know if it can be repaired or if you will need to reach out to us for a new column.  The doctors that have done this have reported to us that the table was out of commission for 3 months and that the repair charges were 23.00 less than buying a new motor.  So I would not recommend going this route because of not being able to use your table because it has to be dismantled and it does not give a significant price decrease.

So use these few troubleshooting tips to decide if you have an elevation motorfoot switchpower cord or cleaning elf issue.  Please feel free to call 704-622-4089 with any questions we are here to help you.