Help my patients are complaining about my adjusting table.

Help my patients are complaining about my adjusting table.

Posted by Karen Sweigart-Harris On 7th Jan 2019

How can I quiet my adjusting table? Can I make the adjusting table cushions softer? Can I add features to my adjusting table later on in case my patients want a different chiropractic technique? Can I make my adjusting table move faster? Can I slow down the drop? And the list of questions we are asked about chiropractic equipment goes on and on.  

We are happy to guide and educate all doctors to identify and purchase THEIR perfect table.  The operative word in the sentence is "THEIR".  So many of the questions we get from doctors have to do with complaints from their patients.  I get it I was an office manager at a multi disciplinary practice for 15 years so I totally understand that you want a happy patient experience for each of your patients.  However, my roll as office manager at the practice then as well as now is the same,  I want to make sure that each doctor has the best equipment to adjust their patient properly and to also protect the longevity of the doctors career.  You always appreciate patient feedback however do these same patients go to the ER and ask for another room because the exam table is uncomfortable?  Does this patient need to have surgery and complain because the stretcher ride to the operating room is bumpy?  Do they complain to the dentist because the drill being used is loud?

Don't get me wrong their complaint may be valid but we as office staff and doctors need to take that equipment objection and turn it into an education opportunity.  Explain to them that the noise of the drop is because of the drop's crispness and the firm cushions are to create resistance needed to get optimum subluxation movement. 

Now with that being said please give us a call about your equipment questions and we are happy to help you fix an equipment issue or develop a patient education opportunity for you and your staff.

Your Best Is Yet To Come,