BioPhysics Tables On  A Budget

BioPhysics Tables On A Budget

Posted by Karen Sweigart-Harris On 26th Sep 2019

Nobody likes to discuss the "B" word.  You know the "B" word I'm talking about the word that makes us all cringe and makes us believe that we can never have anything nice because it is always out of our reach.  The "B" word that causes fights with your spouse and office managers alike the dreaded BBBUDGET. Whew there I said it, now that it's out lets make this nasty word work in our favor.  

There are some things in your office that you can't work without and the #1 item on the list for a chiropractic office is an adjusting table.  I mean a nice looking car driving around town is great but what is the item that is enabling you to buy the car...your adjusting table so let's place this important piece of equipment on the budget and make it a priority. By the way the proper adjusting table also impacts the longevity of your career and the excitement it brings to your office is also a bonus but we wont get into that those are both blog's for another day.  

Now that we know it needs to be on the budget lets figure out on which line item your chiropractic equipment should be listed.  It should not be listed as an operational expense that should be items like paper towels, soap, printer ink, xray film and electrodes.  Your chiropractic equipment falls under your capital equipment line item of your budget.  Also on this line items should be computers, software, therapy equipment, and digital xray.  While there isn't a magical number that needs to be used for this line item it is definitely a line item that needs to be in the budget.  

Many times your budget is already tight so adding another line item can make you cringe so here is a painless way to cover this topic. Sometimes it is best to start with the end in mind and work backwards.  Let's say you want to make sure you upgrade your table every 5 years and the table you would like costs 5000.00 then you need to save 1000.00 per year or 83.33 per month or 19.23 per week or 2.73 per day or if you see 50 patients a week then you need to save .384 per adjustment.  Yes go ahead and get your calculator out and double check my math on that last one because you are thinking if it is only .384 cents per adjustment then why am I limping along with my current table?!?  Oh and I didn't even mention the tax credits offered on many tables or used table options or the fact that you may be trading in your existing table and the cost may be even lower...these are more things for other blogs for another day.  

So what are you waiting for, give us a call at 704-622-4089 to get your perfect table priced out and start saving today!