We carry a full line of table parts in stock and ready to ship to you. Table parts are easy to install and do not require hiring repair services in most cases. In the rare case that you require a bit more instruction on how to install the part we offer our customers one on one assistance.  So whether you need table cushions, table gas cylinders, or table springs, we have what you need. Just click on the link below to view all our table parts and if you have any questions please give us a call so we can help you.

 *Due to popular demand we do not know when it will be back in stock to ship out. Currently out of stock.      Don't let germs breed on your tables protect yourself and your patients with quality Pursue disinfectant...
   Protect your upholstery investment with quality cleaning products 4 Pack/22 oz. Spray Bottles. Cleans, conditions and protects your Omni table upholstery.  
Air drop solenoid for an Omni table This is the part that controls the air flow from the air compressor to the drops. When you select the drop you want to cock with the toggle switches mounted at the back and step foot pedal or foot strip this part...